To Makes Chicken Frozen a Top Choice

Chicken meat is one of the healthiest sources of meat proteins. In fact, a single chicken breast can contain up to 21 grams of protein per 100 grams! Getting enough protein in your diet is important to stay strong and healthy.

 In addition to protein, chicken can provide several beneficial vitamins and minerals like B vitamins and vitamin D. These vitamins help with bone health, energy levels, your skin’s appearance, and your body’s production of healthy red blood cells.

 As one of the leaner meats, chicken gives you all these benefits without excessive amounts of calories or fat. Plus, it’s a versatile meat that can be cooked and flavored in a variety of ways, meaning there’s a chicken dish out there everywhere.

 Halal Chicken

 For even healthier chicken, choose halal chicken. Halal meat has to adhere to the strictest of standards, ensuring that your meat is very hygienic and comes from an animal that was treated humanely throughout its life.

 For the healthiest, tastiest halal chicken in the UK, visit Tariq Halal. We are one of the UK’s most loved halal meat shops, selling premium chicken like:

  •  Frozen Chicken Samosa: Taste the difference with our golden chicken samosas made with tender chicken mince seasoned with aromatic herbs and spices wrapped in crispy batter.
  • Frozen Chicken Kebab: Our delicious halal frozen chicken kebab is cooked on an open flame charcoal grill, topped up with fresh herbs and spices

We also stock halal whole chickens, chicken breasts, chicken drumsticks, and other frozen and fresh chicken.

 Tariq Halal Meat Shop

 Whether you like to cook from scratch or prefer foods that are ready to cook with minimal effort, Tariq Halal has you covered. Our premium halal food products will help you create the perfect meal from start to finish. 

Whether that means a meal made completely from scratch, meat that’s pre-seasoned for you, or a ready meal that only needs to go into the microwave, Tariq Halal has you covered with products such as: 


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