Ten tips for the perfect BBQ party

Nothing better than spending your quality time with a group of friends and family gathering at your backyard to eat the best BBQ food and soak up the sun. Here are ten tips for a perfect BBQ party that will ensure you have a memorable backyard bash.

Prep the Day Before
Get a lot done the night before. Marinating meats, baking desserts, assembling side dishes, chopping vegetables, etc. chores should be completed the night before. Make sure you have enough dishware, propane/charcoal, buns, and things to clean up the party space. Order halal meat online in frozen meat packages to save your time.

Get the Grill Ready Ahead of Time
Get the grill cleaned and ready before your guests arrive for the party. If you have a gas grill, keep the propane tank filled. And if you’re planning to go with charcoal, it takes a while to get them hot for cooking purpose. So, be ready before the arrival of the guests.

Keep the Menu Simple and Classic
Whatever you’re cooking, it will be wise to keep the menu simple so that you’re not spending your entire time in cooking and standing over the hot grill. You will also get some time to mingle and enjoy with your friends.

Make it a Potluck
People enjoy potlucks, so don’t be nervous to ask your guests to bring a nice dish to share with all the group. If you don’t wish to end up with the same dish, consider assigning a different dish to each guest. All you have to do is customise the invite.

Create a Pitcher-Perfect Signature Drink
Fill one cooler with soda and then set out a pitcher of signature mocktails that guests can pour over ice and enjoy. Keep the drink recipe simple with no more than three ingredients. So, that you can easily make a new batch after the first one empties out. And make sure you have sufficient ice with you.

Design the Buffet Table
Make sure your guests don’t have to juggle while they’re filling their plates. Design the buffet table accordingly.

Set-Up Some Lawn Games
Summer cookouts are an excellent opportunity to play no-skill-needed lawn games such as horseshoes, badminton, cornhole, croquet. If you’re feeling a little silly, then play twister.

Prepare a Summertime Playlist
You should at least have a 50 to 100 song playlist playing through the speakers when guests arrive. If you’re not sure what to play, get a karaoke!

Come Up With a Theme
Everyone loves a theme party. Potential themes could be Americana, Hawaiian luau, the Old West, 80s/90s, a white party, Christmas in July, etc.

Save Room for Dessert
No matter how much halal meat there is to fill up on, everyone always has room for a tasty dessert. Put out a make-your-own sundae bar for different kinds of pies, or passing out cookies and brownies.

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