7 easy party recipe ideas that won't break the bank

You have called your guests, but not sure about the recipes to cook for them? If you have an excellent quality halal frozen food in frozen meat packages and few cooking ingredients, then you are good to go! Bulk-buying halal meats online is a great way to cook meals in big dishes that last longer. Here are 7 easy party recipe ideas using halal meats.

1. Japanese Ramen Ramen
It is the delicious Japanese broth, shining from a big, dark bowl of stew. Use halal beef mince, ramen noodles, and vegetable stock easily purchasable from big supermarkets. Steam rising with the scent of pickled ginger; greens, and the sparkle of sesame seeds takes you to heaven.

2. Korean Beef Bowls
This is the instant and easiest of all. Halal minced beef with garlic, soy, ginger, spring onions, and carrots served with toasted sesame seeds and white rice. If you can handle the heat, include some bright red chillies.

3. Greek Keftedes
Greek meatballs are simple to make. They are made distinctive and super-healthy with the flavour of oregano and classic accompaniments of pitta bread, yoghurt, and tomato, chunky cucumber, and olive salad.

4. Chilean Pastel de Papa
Chilean 'pastel de papa' is a Latin version of the cottage pie, with hard-boiled eggs, raisins, and black olives. Add newly boiled eggs if you serve over a few days. This is one of the most successful dishes in many small to big parties!

5. Burgers with Kimchi
Kimchi is a Korean staple side dish made from salted and fermented veg. Use halal beef to make burgers and bring life to the party by serving them with the kimchi.

6. Laotian Larb
Larb is the favourite meat salad of Laos and the northern Thai provinces, usually served with sticky rice. Fill the gem lettuce leaves with halal minced meat, flavoured with lime, fish sauce, ginger, coriander, and sweets chilli.

7. Turkish Pide
This Turkish pizza is made with beef mince, feta, and spinach. It is served with a chunky green salad for a tasty lunch or dinner. The sumac, along with fresh mint and yoghurt brings the party to life.

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