Check Out Our Range of Best-Selling Products in 2021

Tariq Halal offers some of the finest halal meat in London including marinated meat and raw meat purposed for an instant marinade of your invention or purchased online at our store. Our range extends to groceries and deli products all of which can be delivered to your doorstep, and through Deliveroo, on the same day.

One of Tariq Halal’s best sellers is our meat box delivery service.  We select the best, prime cuts of meat and create a selection for you to either pop in the freezer or use fresh for your family. It’s so convenient and we can add in other groceries to suit your menu choices for the week.

Tariq Halal’s marinated meat is one of our most popular selections. We understand the difference that it can make to marinate food and marinate meat to create an instant boost of flavor and texture.  We offer a range of different marinades across our cuts of meat. Tariq Halal’s marinated meat is perfect for a late-summer barbeque, just pop on the griddle and enjoy. 

Choose from a selection of fine house brand cheeses in our chilled deli and simply add to your order from our range of groceries items such as tea, coffee, spices, sweet treats for after dinner indulgences such as dates and Turkish Delight, and our own delicious marinades for you to try at home.

One of the best things about Tariq Halal is that you can have same-day doorstep delivery, so there is never any need to be without your favorite Halal meats to entertain and feed the family even for last-minute ideas. Because we also offer groceries and cooking ingredients, you can literally create a meal inbox, ideal when you are entertaining and too busy to shop in person.

For the finest halal meat in London visit Tariq Halal’s website and take advantage of our meat box delivery service for raw meat, marinated meat, and select joints ready for the freezer.  We also offer recipe cards so you can cook up a storm and marinate your own meat in an instant. Take a look at our website to find out more and access our regular special offers.