How to Cook Lamb Perfectly, According to Tariq Halal

If you don't have a lamb dish on your dinner menu, you should give it a try! Lamb is one of the most delicious meats around! Whether you grill, roast, slow cook, or pan fry it - lamb can be a delightful change from your usual beef or chicken mains. Tariq Halal Meats has a fantastic selection of lamb cuts to cover any lamb recipe.  

How you cook your lamb depends on the cut of meat you decide on. Let’s go over some of the cuts of meat to help you decide. Each of these requires different cooking methods and time frames, so you can decide what suits your family, time frame, and occasion the best.

This cut is a hard working cut with loads of flavor. You can roast this cut on the bone or grill it. Be careful not to overcook it - it’s a hard working muscle that gets dry if you do!  Garnish with some dry herbs and you’ve got yourself a masterpiece.

As you may guess, this lean and flavourful cut is from the back of the lamb. It’s also a bit of a tricky piece of meat and will become tough if you overcook it. This cut is ideally pan-fried and finished off in the oven having sealed in the moisture of the cut.  

This cut looks a little bit like a T-bone steak. One side of the bone is loin and the other is the fillet. It is ideal for grilling or BBQ. 

Ideal for slow cooking due to the toughness of this cut. It is full of flavor and should be slow-cooked always. Is perfect for stews and other slow-cooked recipes.  

This cut is the finest of the choices. Fantastically delicious and tender, these are best grilled or barbecued. These can be left attached and are called “rack of lamb”.  These are usually served pink or rare/medium-rare.    

This inexpensive cut goes very far for the family on the budget.  Ideal for slow-cooked stews, there are loads of collagen in this cut which is taken from the lower part of the back legs.

The perfect way to cook Lamb is what suits your needs best! Whatever your budget or time, Tariq Halal has the perfect cut of lamb for your needs!  Visit Tariq Halal Online today to find your nearest location or place your order online today!