Frozen meals vs. Home Cooked Meals

There is a commonly held assumption that fresh food is better than frozen but this is not always the case.  If the food in question is prepared and frozen immediately be that meat, fish or fruit and vegetables then it can often have a higher nutritional value than a fresh alternative.  The other misconception is that all frozen food is somehow processed food and not very healthy rather than raw ingredients which you can cook with. 

Tariq Halal supplies frozen food to buy onlinemeat boxes which you can use to cater for your family, confident in the knowledge that what you want is sitting there waiting for you in the freezer in your kitchen.  Halal is all about the fresh nature and quality of the meat and Halal frozen food takes all of this and captures it until you need it by freezing, nature’s very own storage system.

Frozen food does not have to compete with home-cooked meals.  Here are some of the advantages of freezing food to use for delicious home-cooked meals for the family:-

  • Planning meals for the week ahead saves time and hassle and by simply freezing the meat that you need, it is then ready for you to defrost the night before ready to cook the following day
  •  Frozen food allows for a degree of flexibility on your menu for the week, just choose the piece of meat you require for the next day depending on preference and who you are catering for
  • Planning meals ahead and freezing the meat you need tends to result in less waste, meat is bought to order for the required dish and frozen until it is needed
  • Leftovers or excess food can be frozen for another occasion so there really is no waste

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