COVID-19 How Boxed Halal Can Help?

Covid-19 has completely changed how people are shopping and both customers and suppliers are keen to do everything they can to protect the vulnerable and support social distancing.  Even as the social distancing rules relax, some shopping habits may not revert to how they were before.  Tariq Halal has seen a huge increase in interest and orders for their Halal meat box service which offers a selection of raw meats and other cooked items to save you the time and trouble of shopping in person.

What are the advantages of a Halal Meat Box?

  • A Halal meat box will encourage you to plan your meals for the week ahead and order exactly what you need – no fuss, no waste
  • Plan a weeks’ worth of menus saving time and money
  • A Halal meat box can be delivered to your door with the maximum in ease and convenience as well as disease protection
  • Choose raw meat goods or pre-cooked meals or a mixture of the two.
  • Meat can be cut and prepared to your exact specification for different recipes and stored fresh or frozen until you are ready to use it
  • Introduce yourself and your family to a greater variety of meat cuts and types of meat, our butchers can help recommend things for you to try
  • We can add other foods, recipes and condiments to your meat box including Halal boxed meals with some ready-cooked items or all the raw ingredients for your meals

Home delivery services are rather an old-fashioned concept that disappeared in the late 20th century with the rise of supermarkets.  However, internet plus the Covid-19 has meant that boxed and delivered goods have seen a resurgence in popularity and what a good idea they are.  Follow the old-style practice of planning your meals and having the meat prepared and packed for you, delivered to your door and only buy what you really need.  Enjoy the ultimate in superior Halal meat with a Halal meat box from Tariq Halal.  Visit our website to learn more.