Clever ways to get your children eating high quality meat

Getting your kids to eat healthy foods can sometimes be quite a challenge. With our hectic lives, it’s not uncommon to cave in and give kids unhealthy options to make meal times less stressful. However, in the long run, this can have a serious impact on their health and their relationship with food. 

Here are a few suggestions to help you get your kids eating delicious and nutritious meals. 

Cut Out the Negativity 

Associating negative feelings with food can be detrimental to how your child will eventually view food. If they are told not to eat certain things, they will be more likely to indulge. If you punish your child for not eating what’s on their plate, they may end up with hang-ups about food. 

Instead, show your children that healthier, unprocessed food can be just as delicious and fun. Focus on encouraging them rather than discouraging them. 

Incorporate Healthy Meats Into Foods They Like

If your kids love macaroni and cheese, add in bits of healthy meats like poultry and lean cuts of red meat. Sauces in general are a great way to get kids to eat meat and veggies they wouldn’t eat otherwise, especially when cut into smaller pieces. 

Chicken Matters

Chicken nuggets and other breaded chicken are a consistent favourite in most households. However, just because the package says the nuggets are made of quality chicken, it doesn’t mean it’s healthy. 

Chicken doesn’t have to just be a dry piece of meat on the plate. Chicken can be a tender, juicy, and versatile meat able to enhance the flavour of everything it’s served with. 

Get Saucy

Give your children dips and sauces to give food more oomph. Never in history have so many herbs, spices, and condiments been at our fingertips. 

Even just sprinkling a little brown sugar on meat can make it more appetising. Get creative! 

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