Chicken Thigh Mince vs Beef Mince: Which One Is Healthier?

Health-conscious shoppers sometimes shy away from beef mince because it’s viewed as a fattier meat. Instead, they turn to leaner types of mince like chicken thigh mince. However, both types of mince have their own unique benefits and drawbacks.

Chicken Thigh Mince

Chicken thighs are well suited as meat for mince because they have more fat in them than chicken breasts. Even though they have more fat than other parts of the chicken, they are still less fatty than beef mince. Another benefit of chicken is that it’s an adaptable meat that’s quick to cook.

Most of the calories present in chicken thigh mince come from the protein in it. Chicken mince is a good source of lean protein, a substance your body needs for healthy muscles and bones. The protein in chicken is better absorbed by your body and provides it with quick and short bursts of energy it needs. 

One downside to chicken is that it has more water in it than beef so it will shrink in size once it's cooked.

Beef Mince

Beef mince has more protein than chicken and this protein is absorbed slowly, giving your body more energy over a longer period of time.

The majority of the calories in beef comes from its fat and it usually has twice as many calories as chicken. Red meat like beef should be eaten in moderation because the fat and cholesterol content can impact your heart health.

The fat in beef gives it more flavor than chicken. It often tastes great on its own without the need for any seasoning or sauces. It’s slightly less versatile than chicken and can take longer to cook, but it still goes well in various different recipes like curry with minced beef.

The Verdict

Chicken thigh mince is better overall for your health when compared to beef mince. Beef mince tends to have more overall flavor and protein but is higher in fat. However, a healthy diet is one that’s balanced. You need some fat in your diet for your body to function well and lean beef mince recipes are a good source of this fat.

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