How To Cut Venison Chops And Ribs

Venison has become more accessible at local high street butchers, including our own, making it more available to cook at home. This lean, flavourful meat has around half the calories of an equivalent serving of beef, yet it’s as versatile and delicious. Venison’s pronounced flavour tends to appeal to more sophisticated palates due to its gamey flavour. However, venison chops work well with sweeter sauces and cooking methods that leave the meat tender. For these reasons, venison tends to be child friendly.

Venison chops (aka venison ribs) are a cut of deer meat containing a rib bone and the tender meat running along the spine. It is a high-quality source of protein and a delicious main course for your meal.

How to Cut Venison Chops

Venison chops, also called venison ribs, are the highly prized cuts from a deer that runs down the length of the backbone from the front shoulder to the hindquarter. It includes part of the backbone or rib cage, whereas the loin or filet is a boneless cut of the same piece of meat.

Here Are a Few Tips to Cook Venison Chops and Ribs
Marinate First

Marinating venison keeps this lean meat moist during cooking. You can marinate venison in milk or buttermilk to remove gaminess, then transfer the meat to a more flavourful marinade a few hours before cooking.


Venison chops and venison ribs contain the animal’s most flavourful meat, so pan-searing works well with this thin cut. For cooking venison chops cast iron skillets are the best. First, heat oil or butter in the skillet to get a rich brown sear and cook the chops for only a few minutes per side. When you remove the venison, deglaze the pan with a bit of orange juice and reduce the mixture to form a delicious sauce.


When using thicker chops, broiling will keep them tender. A dry rub treatment works beautifully. Venison’s earthy taste goes well with bold spices and dried herbs such as cumin, rosemary, and thyme. Broil until it browns on top, then flip over and broil until brown.


Grilling venison is a great way to infuse smoky flavours that meld well with the meat’s wild taste. Brush on some delicious barbecue sauce for added sweetness whilst grilling and make sure you only turn the meat once, so they stay tender and juicy.
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