6 Time Saving Tips for Meal Prep

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Time-saving food tips

Saving time in the kitchen doesn’t have to mean eating poor quality food that is not home-cooked. There are lots of tried and tested time-saving tips in the kitchen which will help you to dish up delicious and nutritious meals every day.

  • Plan your meals for the week ahead. Knowing what you are going to cook every day and having the ingredients ready in your fridge, freezer and kitchen cupboards cuts down on repetitive shopping trips
  • Use the leftovers from one meal to form the basis for the dish the following day, this also avoids unnecessary waste
  • Buy your meat ahead or choice butcher’s selections and use meat boxes for fresh cuts which you can freeze. Many butchers will offer themed meat boxes for barbeques or special meals with prepared cuts which are sold pre-marinated
  • Use meat marinades which are quick and easy to make and prepare the meat for the following day by leaving it overnight in the fridge. This can make a delicious addition to a plain meal with just a few minutes of preparation time the evening before.

Time-saving meal prep tips have always been seen as the secret weapon of the professional chef, but clever cooks have been following these little tricks for years.  Time is always in short supply but it doesn’t have to affect the quality of food you serve up in your kitchen.

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