Halal Meat

  1. The different cuts of meat

    The different cuts of meat

    To cook nutritious dishes with good food value whilst working to a sensible budget requires a thorough understanding of the different cuts of meat from the animal.  If you are opting to buy Halal meat online then it is crucial to appreciate the varying cuts because they affect the price, menu options and how the meal is prepared.  We offer some of the best Halal meat in London.

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  2. Is Halal Food Healthier?

    Is Halal Food Healthier?

    Today, we are going to be taking a look at whether or not halal food is scientifically healthier than non-halal food or not. There is a lot of discussion on this subject. We can happily say that halal food is definitely the healthier option and that that can be backed up by science. To learn more about this subject, you can download the Tariq Halal App, a leading halal app in the UK.

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  3. What to Look for When Buying Meat Online?

    What to Look for When Buying Meat Online?

    For many of us, meat is an essential part of our daily diet. Whether eating it at breakfast, lunch or dinner time, we want the meat you buy to be of the highest quality. Good quality meat from Tariq Halal Meats can turn a good meal into a delicious dish you and your family will adore.

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  4. How Should I Cook the Perfect Steak?

    How Should I Cook the Perfect Steak?

    Having steak for dinner at home or in a restaurant is a real treat, and when the opportunity arises to have steak at home, it is understandable that you want to cook it to perfection. At Tariq Halal, we stock a range of steaks allowing you to choose the perfect halal meat online.

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  5. 8 reasons to try pan roasted corn fed chicken

    8 reasons to try pan roasted corn fed chicken

    Corn fed chicken is an undervalued luxury, and at Tariq Halal we are pleased to offer the finest halal corn fed chicken to our customers. There are some very good reasons why we love this delicious chicken, and there are some easy yummy chicken recipes you can try at home to delight your family and friends.

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