The KEY to any marinated food

Marinating can be either the best thing you do to a piece of prime meat or the worst and there are a lot of myths which surround it.  If you want to learn how to cook delicious dishes with marinated meat then we will show you how.  Tariq Halal offers some of the finest wholesale meats across all the meat suppliers in Londonquality cuts to create tasty cuisine for family meals on that special occasion.  Choose some of the finest Halal meat via our online delivery service, our Halal steak is one of our most popular online orders so for Halal meat onlineyou need look no further.

How to marinate meat?

The moisture present in the proteins in the flesh of the meat is what makes the absorption of the marinade possible.  The moisture is removed using salt which then allows the soaking meat to draw in the marinade to replace this.  There are literally hundreds of different types of marinade, But essentially a good marinade will include:-

Oil – the foundation of the marinade

Acid – usually obtained from fresh citrus fruits and vinegar, the ratio is usually 3:1 oil to acid

Sugar – this can be granulated or come from maple syrup or honey

Salt – derived from Soy sauce or Worcestershire sauce and often blends better than just using a fine sea salt

Additional flavors – usually aromatic or dried spices or fresh garlic, onion, ginger or lemongrass

Myth busting

  • The longer you marinate something, the better it will taste is a myth, if you leave the meat for hours and hours then you will begin to alter the surface of the cut
  • Marinating will tenderise large cuts of tough meat is also a myth
  • It is not correct that meat is just marinated before cooking, always set aside a couple of tablespoons of the marinade to spoon over the cooked dish just before serving for a tasty finishing touch

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