Reverse Marinade for Grilled Beef

The health and taste benefits of marinating your beef before it hits the grill are fairly well known. Marinades decrease the effects of carcinogens caused by the charring that grills and sometimes stovetop grill pads can cause.  Marinades can also add flavour and set the tone for a themed meal such as curried, Caribbean and far east.  Whilst a marinade is always a great idea, even the best-laid marinade plans can fall apart!

A reverse marinade or a “post-marinade” serves a couple of purposes. A mistake made in the pre grilling marinating process can leave the meat a bit mushy, or even overly salty and lacking in flavour. Here are some mistakes, how/why they happen and how to fix them.

  1.  You’ve used a sugar-based marinade:  at high temperatures, these marinades can caramelise and burn on the outside of the meat, leaving a blackened, crunchy coating on the outside. The flavour of the marinade won’t have penetrated the meat.  
  2. You’ve used a salty marinade like soy sauce:  you’ve got a great, aromatic soy and ginger marinade that you think will really flavour the meat.  However, the ingredient the meat will take in the most is the sodium glutamate in the soy sauce that will make the meat very salty.  The other ingredients won’t penetrate the layers of the meat.  
  3. You’ve used an acidic marinade such as lemon:  this may have caused your meat to be a bit mushy if you’ve left it on too long.  More than a couple of hours of marinating can do this.  

Not to worry!  A reverse marinade can rescue any of these marinating fails.

Try this excellent reverse marinade idea on your beef today:

All ingredients should be utilised to taste and these measurements are just a very loose guide.

2 tbsp Vinegar

2 tbs Vegetable oil

¼ tsp White pepper

¼ Red bell peppers finely diced

2 tbsp fresh mint, finely chopped (dry mint ok)

¼ tsp Mustard seeds

1 tsp:




Black pepper


1 small red chilli (leave seeds in if you like it HOT, remove seeds for medium, leave out for mild)

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