How is Beef Packaged and Prepared?

Have you ever wondered how that yummy beef got to your table?  Beef production, processing, and packaging are regulated and compulsory compliance is required by all meat producers and sellers in the UK.  Meat suppliers are required to meet a number of regulatory requirements to keep consumers safe and confident in the reliability of their food sources.  Tariq Halal meat online strives to always reach the highest levels of these standards and ensure our customers are happy and safe.


Halal Beef, like other Halal meats, is prepared in accordance with Halal dietary rules.  First, there is the blessing and the animal is slaughtered humanely and quickly, not allowing it to feel fear.  The blood is drained from the body so as not to contaminate the meat and each animal is slaughtered individually. Other animals may not witness the slaughters.  


In the UK, regulatory standards include prompt quick-freezing of meat so that chemical and microbial changes are minimized. Only approved freezing mediums are used, such as air, nitrogen, or carbon dioxide and the frozen food must be kept at a temperature between -18C and -15C.  

There is also strict operator handling rules that must be followed by anyone handling frozen beef or meat.  When you order frozen beef or meat from us online, there are many checks between us and you to ensure your beef and meat are being kept frozen and safe.  


At Tariq Halal, we endeavor to bring you the best quality Halal beef and meats.  Once you order from us or collect in-store, it then becomes your job to keep the meat safe and fresh!  

If you order from us online, your meat will be checked for temperature on the way and delivered finely frozen and safe.  You must then, after proper inspection of packaging to be sure there is no damage and in date, immediately put your beef or meat in the freezer.  If you own a thermocouple, it is a good idea to check the temperature of the beef on arrival. Your freezer should be between -18C and -15C.  You can purchase a freezer thermometer if your freezer does not have temperature control inbuilt.  

If you purchase in-store, we strongly advise that you bring an insulated bag with plenty of ice packs to keep the beef cooled for the journey to your home.  Visit us online to place an online order for frozen beef or any meat!