Marinate your meat and poultry for a better taste!

Tired of your same old meat and poultry recipes? Try marinating your steak, lamb, or chicken to bring new life to your meat dishes. Whether you’re grilling for a summer gathering or searching for new recipes for your daily family meals, marinades can easily infuse tasty and exotic flavours into a dish with just a few ingredients.

Marinades are an easy way to pre-season meat and poultry before cooking used to tenderise it, making it succulent, juicy and flavour packed.

The flavour profiles you can explore for meat and poultry are endless: Mediterranean, Japanese, Indian, Jamaican, Mexican, Latin American, and so on.

Feel free to experiment and get creative with new flavours but remember that balance is key.

The most popular recipes to marinate meat are composed of 3 main ingredients: fat (oil, yoghurt, buttermilk, etc), acid (lemon juice, vinegar, soy sauce), salt and seasonings (fresh herbs, dried spices, condiments).

An all-time favourite for everyone is marinated grilled meat. Be it beef, chicken or even lamb. But the beauty of a marinade is that it works just as well if you bake or pan-fry. Either way, you’ll get a tender and delicious meat dish.


To make sure your poultry absorbs the maximum marinade, you can pierce it with a fork or make small cuts. Marinate with or without skin for up to 2 days in the refrigerator or for at least a few hours.

Marinating chicken only in yoghurt, milk, or buttermilk for a few hours will make your chicken incredibly juicy. After this step, you can soak in your seasoned marinade to further infuse it with flavour.


Marinate meat the night before for maximum tenderness and flavour or, if you’re short on time, at least 30 minutes before cooking. Fully coat meat and place in the refrigerator in a covered container or resealable bag and turn over halfway. Before cooking, let excess marinade drip off to prevent burning. Now cook to perfection, let rest covered and then enjoy!

 Pro tip: Be sure your flavours are balanced. It’s best to test marinade by marinating a small piece of meat for 30 minutes and cooking it to make sure it has the flavour you want. If not, you have time to adjust it as needed.

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