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Heading up one of the best-known Halal meat wholesaling businesses in the UK, Tariq Sheikh took the decision to launch a unique new franchise retailing operation on the high street.

His vision was to bring to the market a chain of modern retail outlets selling quality, yet affordable, halal meat and poultry direct to the general public - alongside a choice of convenient pre-marinated meats and own brand frozen meal selections. Starting in London locations, the plan was to grow the business to other UK and overseas locations. The contemporary fresh-look stores would feature state-of-the-art counters where experienced butchers would be on-hand to serve customers. While in store, shoppers would able to browse display ‘chiller cabinets and select from an enticing range of tempting ready prepared options.

‘A customer always deserves the best quality & product however in a changing world customers are looking for diverse product range, im glad to say we supply one of the largest varieties of halal meat in the UK’ – Tariq Sheikh Founder & CEO

Why Tariq Halal


Tariq Halal Meat Wholesale Ltd. is one of UK's most loved and fast growing wholesale meats sellers. Since 1965, we have been combining our passion for delightful varieties of meat with the professional acumen needed to deal successfully in wholesale Halal meat procurement, storage and distribution. Our success is based on the hand-picked network of abattoirs and suppliers we partner with, spread across the UK and even overseas. As Halal meat wholesalers, we can offer competitive prices by cutting down on middlemen. At the same time, we maintain an elaborate logging system for quality check. The entire stock of wholesale meats at Tariq Halal can be traced back to the seller, abattoir and poultry / cattle farm. On the other hand, we also note what went out and when, along with customer details. This ensures total transparency in our operation, while acting as a quality control measure too.

But that is not enough to be one of the leading meat brands of London. As Halal meat wholesalers, we are committed to quality at every step. Our meat is pure, fresh, and each supplier has an European Commission (EC) certification. Once the wholesale meats arrive at Tariq Halal, we maintain strict quality control measures according to latest industrial specifications for chilled storage, product packaging and deliver in specially chilled vehicles. We are also one of the leading frozen food wholesalers of the UK, and now offer a variety of innovative Halal chilled products as well. 

If you are a shop owner, caterer or food products outlet looking at procuring wholesale Halal meat, we can offer you fresh, frozen, chilled and even marinated Halal products. We keep chicken, lamb, turkey and select varieties of beef. We have also started a marinated fish menu. Contact us today to find out more or click here and complete our online enquiry form.

Our new state of the art cold rooms & freezers allow us to hold huge volumes of meat in the best possible conditions. We also installed the latest digital scanning & weighing equipment that will allow us become the first fully paperless halal meat wholesaler!

Come and see it for yourself we always welcome visitors!