At Tariq Halal we understand the importance of halal, Tariq Latif Sheikh founder & CEO of Tariq Halal was born in Jhelum, Pakistan and as a Muslim family owned business he has visited each abattoir in person to ensure that the halal procedure has been carried out via the correct method.

Definition Halal: Halal is an Arabic word which means permissible, a related word in the Quran is Tayyabwhich means wholesome and fit for human consumption. With regard to food described as Halal, it means food that Muslims are permitted to consume under Islamic law. The name of Allah must be invoked (mentioned) at the time of slaughtering by saying: BismillahAllahu Akbar. (In the Name of Allah; Allah is the Greatest.)

Where does our meat come from?

Our meat is sourced from our specialist abattoirs across the UK & Ireland


  • Iqbal Poultry
  • BRC approved
  • Halal Shariah Board


  • Irish Country Meats
  • BRC approved
  • Iman Al-Mustafa Islamic Centre Ireland


  • Liffey Meats
  • BRC approved
  • Bray Halal Centre IE