1. Picture of VEAL OSSOBUCU (SHIN)
    Veal Ossobucu (Shin)

    Premium Veal Ossobucu
    You can have whole or diced

  2. Veal Bacon (Bespoke)
    Veal Bacon (Bespoke)

    Yes Veal Bacon :) Forget Beef and Turkey try this premium product Frozen Item Cut to specificatio ...

    Out of stock
  3. Picture of VEAL RIBEYE STEAK (3 steaks)
    Veal Ribeye Steak (3 Steaks)
    200 gms * 3 each
  4. Picture of VEAL MINCE
    Veal Mince
    per kg
  5. Picture of MARROW BONES
    Marrow Bones
    1 pcs
    Out of stock
  6. Picture of VEAL TAIL
    Veal Tail
    per kg
  7. Picture of Veal Burger
    Veal Burger

    200g Prime Veal Burgers
    Individually wrapped

    Out of stock
  8. Picture of French Trimmed Veal Chop
    French Trimmed Veal Chop
    Individual chops approx 300-350g Prime Veal French Cut Healthy and Tasty
  9. Picture of Veal Brain (Whole)
    Veal Brain (Whole)
    Veal Brain Whole 1 piece Available frozen Delicacy
  10. Picture of VEAL PREMIUM BACON PRE SLICED (650g)
    Veal Premium Bacon Pre Sliced (650G)
    Wafer Sliced Premium Veal Bacon 650g packets Individual Approx 6+ servings Frozen Item
  11. Picture of VEAL T-BONE (each)
    Veal T-Bone (Each)
    Something special Succulent individual T-Bone steaks Weight varies 390 - 410g each Frozen Indivi ...
  12. Picture of VEAL TOPSIDE STEAK (3 STEAKS)
    Veal Topside Steak (3 Steaks)
    200 gms * 3 each
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