Why Marinated Meats Are Best-to-eat!

Blissfully, though, contemporary meat is pretty darn tender, much tenderer than the meat consumed by our cave-dwelling ancestors.  In the primordial days, meat was cooked without any former marination of rich spices and herbs which endowed a “bland” taste to the meat preparation. Mostly they were simply roasted or smoked. While in the medieval age, most of the meat in the western countries were prepared using salt and pepper and that gave “spice-less” and “not-so-yummy” feel and taste to it. Slowly and gradually, the world witnessed an evolution in the subject of meat preparation and its marination.

Historically, the rationale of marinating was to preserve and maintain the meat. While meat preservation is still a fundamental issue, today, marinating is universally used to augment yield by mounting water content and retention, to transform the flavor contour of products and to get better meat tenderness and succulence. Injection of various spices into meat cuts is usually practiced to augment the tenderness and succulence of fresh meat products.

Marinating is one of the most excellent ways to pass on flavor into meat, as well as tenderising it.  Marinades are typically made up of three major components: acid, oil, and herbs. The acid helps to partly de-nature the meat's proteins, opening up "channels" in the meat structure where flavor can easily dribble in. Marination, thus, is the insertion of something you want to eat into a fluid before cooking. Its principal function is to add flavor-“distinct flavor”.

Even though cooking fresh meat will by no means run out of its charm and artistic appeal. But bearing in mind the demands of our existing busy lifestyle, frozen ready-to-cook & marinated meats has gained swift recognition and more buyers. The marinated meat comes in a variety of flavoursome meats to suit every individual’s distinctive taste. 

While you are at a supermarket or meat store and choosing your marinated meat products, you think about how you want your meat to taste. Do you want it to be spicy? Do you want the flavor of the meat to be the main thing you taste? Do you have a favorite spice like garlic or Italian herbs?   Do you want chicken burgers, drumsticks, fillet or wings? Do you long to have chicken shawarma, lamb shawarama or breast pieces? These are all questions that you land up asking your “succulent-meat craving” mind while selecting marinated food products.

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