Globalisation of Halal & The Key Reasons

With Brand Halal’s globalisation, there are signs all over that the brand Halal is in the quest to dominate world meat market scenario in few years down the line. As per the estimation of Malaysia-based World Halal Forum, Halal already accounts for over 17% of the worldwide food market.

Well, this is apparent from the meat sections, refrigerated shelves and frozen counters creating space for Halal meat at not only world-renowned big stores and supermarkets but also smaller counterparts. This has taken place since any rational entrepreneur or business house simply can’t afford to overlook Halal anymore in any fraction of the world that consists of smallest of the Muslim population.

Halal Meat has also turned into a ‘subject of the essence’ for worldwide food chains, functioning in countries where Muslims are in greater part. In the United States, Halal meat is now accessible at around 70Walmart locations in the country. The same can also be said about several other non-Muslim markets mentioned in the article. The percentage of Halal retail chains, franchises, stores, marketers, suppliers, as well as distributors are getting higher along with the increasing demand for Halal Meat.

In UK, Tariq Halal Meats- one of the largest wholesalers and franchise holders, opened its doors to Halal meat and products 50 years ago in the year 1965. Since then, it has contributed significantly towards escalating halal meat-consuming population in the country.

France, which shelters over 6 million Muslims-the largest Muslim population in Europe, also has a dynamic Halal food markets which has been on the rise persistently both in term of magnitude and value. Auchan, wholesales around 80 Halal-certified meat products, 40 specialties of Halal frozen products and about 3 and half dozen ready-to-eat Halal meals.

Halal meats and foods have as well established in Germany, the abode to some 4 million Muslim population. Akin to elsewhere across Non-Islamic countries, the businesses in Germany too have apprehended just how vital Halal is for their business.

Factors Responsible For Rapid Halal Meat Expansion

Primary factors for this speedy expansion are related to health: Halal meat produced and consumed locally may have a superior quality and high nutritional value

Secondary factors are based on religion and cultural in nature: As per Certification authorities, Islamic Religion is the major reason for global expansion. Muslims obey the spiritual guidelines and require Halal products in their food consumption.

Tertiary factors are related to sustainability: Halal products produced on location by applying the “zero-mile distance” theory leave irrelevant carbon footprints.

With the onset of globalisation, the Halal Meat is on the chase for a major market share.

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