1. Picture of Marinated Baby Chicken
    Marinated Baby Chicken


  2. Picture of DIY Chicken Marination Lockdown Box
    Diy Chicken Marination Lockdown Box
    Special Price £67.99 Regular Price £89.99

    Need a quick meal using ready made marinades?
    2kg Chicken Breast Whole
    2kg Chicken Thigh ...

  3. Picture of TARIQ HALAL BBQ BOX
    Tariq Halal Bbq Box

    Save time with the ready to cook BBQ Box 4 Chicken Burgers

    4 Lamb Burgers, 1kg Hot & Spic ...

  4. Picture of STEAK BOX (for 2)
    Steak Box (For 2)
    Special Price £49.99 Regular Price £57.95
    A great selection of steaks for the week 2 x 200g Boneless Ribeye 2 x 300g T-Bone 2 x 200g Fil ...
  5. Picture of Exotic Lockdown Box
    Exotic Lockdown Box
    Special Price £54.99 Regular Price £64.99
    Restaurants closed? fancy cooking something different whilst your at home? 2 x Corn Fed Poussin 2 ...
  6. Picture of Tariq Veal Deal Box
    Tariq Veal Deal Box
    Combination Of Veal Bacon, Veal Ribeye Steaks, Veal Sirloin Steaks, Veal Fillet Steak, Veal Mince & ...
  7. Picture of Tariq Flavour Box
    Tariq Flavour Box
    Combination Of Marinated Lamb Chops, Marinated Wings, Marinated Baby Chicken, Marinated Chicken Brea ...
  8. Picture of Tariq Gym Box
    Tariq Gym Box
    Special Price £64.99 Regular Price £69.99
    Combination Of Fillet Steak, Sirloin Steak, Beef Mince, Diced Beef, Diced Chicken Breast.
    Fire In The Hole Meat Box
    Special Price £29.99 Regular Price £34.99

    Full on Flavour with Full on Heat Combination of special marinade with the addition of crushed ch ...

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