Diced Meat Collection
    Special Price £49.99 Regular Price £53.95
    Great deal for limited time 2kg Diced Chicken Breast 2kg Diced Beef 1kg Diced Boneless Lamb ...
  2. Picture of Frozen Halal Whole Turkey
    Frozen Halal Whole Turkey
    Special Price £29.99 Regular Price £31.99
    For those customers who like to eat Turkey all year! 3-4kg Turkey Frozen French Origin
  3. Picture of 10 Baby Chicken
    5 Baby Chicken
  4. Picture of STEAK BOX (for 2)
    Steak Box (For 2)
    Special Price £49.99 Regular Price £57.95
    A great selection of steaks for the week 2 x 200g Boneless Ribeye 2 x 300g T-Bone 2 x 200g Fil ...
  5. Picture of Tariq Veal Deal Box
    Tariq Veal Deal Box
    Combination Of Veal Bacon, Veal Ribeye Steaks, Veal Sirloin Steaks, Veal Fillet Steak, Veal Mince & ...
  6. Picture of 3 x Roaster Chicken Offer
    5 Roaster Chicken

    5 Roaster Chicken

  7. Picture of Mollendo Wagyu Striploin Steak BMS 6-7 (200g)
    Mollendo Wagyu Striploin Steak Bms 6-7 (200G)
    200g per Steak BMS 6-7 Chilean Grain Fed Premium Wagyu Fresh or Frozen depending on availabilit ...
    Out of stock
  8. Picture of Chicken Wings 3 Joint
    Chicken Wings 3 Joint


  9. Picture of 5kg Lamb Shanks (Whole)
    5Kg New Season Spring Lamb Shanks (Whole)
    5kg Lamb Shanks (Whole)
  10. Picture of Wagyu Picanha Steak
    Wagyu Picanha Steak
    Special Price £29.99 Regular Price £39.99
    Out of stock
  11. Picture of Wagyu Skirt Steak
    Wagyu Skirt Steak
    Special Price £13.99 Regular Price £17.99
    For the 'Beef Lover' Grain fed for over 400 days this premium Chilean Wagyu Beef is exceptional
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