1. 3 Kg Chicken Strips
    3 Kg Chicken Strips
  2. 3 Boiler (Hen)
    3 Boiler (Hen)
  3. Picture of Chicken Wings 3 Joint
    Chicken Wings 3 Joint


  4. 5Kg Mutton Leg (Diced)
    5Kg Mutton Leg (Diced)
  5. 5Kg Baby Lamb Leg (Diced)
    5Kg Baby Lamb Leg (Diced)
  6. Picture of 5kg Baby Lamb Front Chops
    5Kg Baby Lamb Front Chops
  7. Picture of 5kg Lamb Back Chops
    5Kg Lamb Back Chops

    New Season Spring Lamb

  8. 5 Kg Chicken Strips
    5 Kg Chicken Strips
  9. 5Kg Chicken Drumsticks (Skin Off)
    5Kg Chicken Drumsticks (Skin Off)

    5Kg Chicken Drumsticks (Skin Off)

  10. Picture of 5 Baby Chicken
    5 Baby Chicken
  11. Picture of Fire in the Hole wings (20 pieces)
    Fire In The Hole Wings (20 pieces)

    Full on Flavour with Full on Heat

  12. Picture of FIRE IN THE HOLE MEAT BOX
    Fire In The Hole Meat Box
    Special Price £34.99 Regular Price £39.99

    Full on Flavour with Full on Heat Combination of special marinade with the addition of crushed ch ...

  13. Picture of Fire in the hole Beef Ribs
    Fire In The Hole Beef Ribs
    Full on Flavour with Full on Heat Thinly Sliced Beef Ribs (perfect for BBQ) Combination of special ...
  14. Picture of 5kg Chicken Legs (Skin Off)
    5Kg Chicken Legs (Skin Off)
  15. Picture of 5Kg Chicken Legs (Skin On)
    5Kg Chicken Legs (Skin On)
  16. Picture of 3 x Roaster Chicken Offer
    5 Roaster Chicken

    5 Roaster Chicken

  17. Picture of 5kg Mutton Curry on Bone
    5Kg Mutton Curry On Bone
    5kg Mutton Curry on Bone Prime Leg & Shoulder Only Restaurant Cut
  18. Picture of 5kg Mutton Mince
    5Kg Mutton Mince (25% fat)
    5kg Mutton Mince Restaurant Style
  19. Picture of 5kg Boneless Mutton
    5Kg Mutton Boneless
    5kg Boneless Mutton
  20. Picture of 5kg Mutton Chops
    5Kg Mutton Front Chops
    5kg Mutton Chops Restaurant Cut
  21. Picture of 5kg Lamb Shanks (Whole)
    5Kg Baby Lamb Shanks (Whole)
    5kg Lamb Shanks (Whole)
  22. Picture of 5kg Lamb Curry on Bone Diced
    5Kg Baby Lamb Curry On Bone Diced

    5kg Lamb with Bone Diced 

  23. Picture of 5kg Lamb Mince
    5Kg Baby Lamb Leg Mince

    5kg New Season Spring Lamb Mince Restaurant Style

  24. Picture of 5kg Boneless Lamb
    5Kg Baby Lamb Boneless
    5kg Boneless Lamb Restaurant Cut
  25. Picture of 5kg Lamb Chops
    5Kg Baby Lamb Chops
    5kg Lamb Chops Restaurant Cut
  26. Picture of 5kg Chicken Niblets
    5Kg Chicken Niblets
    5kg Chicken Niblets
  27. Picture of 5kg Chicken Drumsticks (Skin On)
    5Kg Chicken Drumsticks (Skin On)
    5kg Chicken Drumsticks (Skin On)
  28. Picture of 5kg 3 Joint Wings
    5Kg 3 Joint Wings
    5kg 3 Joint Wings
  29. Picture of 5kg Chicken Thigh Boneless (Whole)
    5Kg Chicken Thigh Boneless

    5Kg Chicken Thigh Boneless

  30. Picture of 5kg Chicken Breast (Whole fillet only)
    5Kg Chicken Breast
  31. Picture of 3 x Tandoori Chicken Offer
    5 Tandoori Chicken

    5 Tandoori Chicken

  32. Picture of OFFER 3kg Mixed Goat
    5Kg Mixed Goat

    Mixed Genuine 100% Goat (5kg)

  33. Picture of Tariq Biryani Box
    Tariq Halal BBQ Platter
    Special Price £49.99 Regular Price £56.90
  34. BBQ Shish Skewers (8 pieces)
    BBQ Shish Skewers (8 pieces)
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