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Tariq Halal Gives Back to the Muslim Community in a Unique Way



Tariq Halal, one of the London's largest Halal butcher chains, gives back to the Muslim Community at Tariq Halal by building a state-of-the-art mosque at HQ.

London, 10th February 2016 – Founded in 1965, Tariq Halal is both customer and employee-focused, and one of the largest butcher chains in London, dedicated to providing customers with a wide variety of the highest quality, fresh, hygienic and Halal meat products along with excellent customer experience at a good price.

The company continues to delight its customers by expanding its range of products and opening new franchises in different areas to make Halal meat accessible to customers across Europe conveniently, with the help of their dedicated staff members. However, this has not in any way compromised their role as being a socially active and responsible company and this is evident through their latest contribution to the Muslim community.

Tariq Sheikh, the founder and CEO of the company, believes strongly in charity and each year, he does something unique and awe-inspiring when it comes to giving back to the community. A few years back, he built a mosque in Pakistan and almost every year, pays for eye treatment of 100 individuals. However, this year,he is all set to givethe Muslim Communitythat includes both his staff and shop visitors,in London, a gift that they'll cherish all their lives. The CEO is expanding his current premises for a purpose built place that will be used as a mosque. He has fully self-funded the construction of the beautiful mosque located at HQ. It is Tariq Halal's way of giving back to the passionate and hardworking Tariq Halal staff and loyal customers.

Excited about his contribution, Mr. Tariq Sheikh, had this to say, "As a company, we, at Tariq Halal, consider us as a part of the community and hold ourselves as socially-responsible. We believe every company must play its role actively and contribute in any way possible for the betterment, prosperity, progress and growth of the community and the people living in the community."

The CEO further said, "I have always felt that there is a dire need for more mosques in the city of London. At present, there are very few mosques that are small in size. On the other hand, the Muslim community is growing and so is the need for mosques in the city and for this reason, I have decided to expand my current premises into a place that can be utilized as a mosque by our staff and visitors alike.."

The project is currently underway and will be completed soon. It is a big projectfeaturing state-of-the-art interiorand a capacity for 200 worshippers to pray comfortably.

Sources report that Mr. Tariq Sheikh is working cohesively on the project with the construction team and is hopeful that the work will be completed in the pre-defined time-frame and the mosque will be opened in the shortest time possible.

About The Company

Established in 1965, with a mission to provide customers clean, high quality and Halal meat, Tariq Halal is a family-owned business operated by Mr. Tariq Sheikh. Even today, after 50 years of being in the business,, the company continues to delight customers with their quality of meat combined with superior meat shopping experience. The company has grown both in size and reputation and caters to an average of 1500 customers every day.

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