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Tariq Halal, the Fastest Growing Halal Meat Chain, Launches its 6th Franchise in Croydon, London


Tariq Halal, one of the London’s largest and fastest growing Halal butcher chains launched its 6th Franchise on 27th April 2016 at 89 London Road in Croydon which was inaugurated by Mr. Dieter Haag, The CEO of Janan Meat.

Serving over 10,000 customers per week and more than 1500 customers per day, Tariq Halal is one of the largest, trusted and well-reputed Halal butcher chains that is growing rapidly across in and across London. Founded in 1965 with the mission to provide fresh, hygienic and top quality Halal meat combined with excellent customer experience, Tariq Halal is taking over the Halal meat industry in London by storm.

After gaining a strong foothold in five crucial and strategic locations in London including Leyton, Hounslow, Streatham, Fulham and Southall, Tariq Halal is all set to expand and cater to newer markets in the city. This is evident from their sixth strategic new franchise launch in Croydon.

Mr. Dieter Haag, the CEO of Janan Meat, was invited to inaugurate the new franchise of Tariq Halal. He cut the ribbon and wished Tariq Halal all the success for his new project.

The set up of the shop is done by Valera. Valera has used Jardao Cooling Systems for counters, lamb freezers, and four door freezers. The shop is multi tech and air conditioned.

Excited about the new franchise launch, the CEO of Tariq Halal, Mr. Tariq Sheikh had this to say, "I am truly honoured and excited to announce the opening of our new franchise in Croydon. With over 10 butcher shops already on London Road, I think this is a great and ideal site to open a Halal meat store. Besides this, it was also the highest franchise enquiring site."

He further continued and said that, "I think more than anyone, the people residing in Croydon were waiting for Tariq Halal to come here. Looking at the excellent Muslim population and demographics of meat lovers, we knew that this was a place where we had to open a high end Halal butcher store that offers the Muslim community fresh, hygiene, affordable and high quality Halal meat."

Tariq Halal's sixth franchise is located on 89 London Road, Croydon, CR0 1RF (Next to LIDL) and beneath the West Croydon Islamic Community Trust (ICT).

The CEO of the company said that, "Collaborating with our new franchise partner is definitely a step forward as they already have a rich industry experience and have been operating in existing franchise concepts for years. Besides that, they are also Tariq Halal’s Streatham branch regular customers."

Mr. Tariq Sheikh said he had identified the location a year back and once he found a partner to open a franchise here, it took only 2 months to build the shop.

Just like all Tariq Halal stores, this new franchise will also sell a large selection of halal meat products, including fresh, offal, frozen, marinated and chilled products. The franchise will work with leading suppliers to maintain the quality of meat and service and comply with the highest standards that Tariq Halal is well-reputed for.

Mr. Tariq Sheikh further said that, "This is just the beginning, we at Tariq Halal aim to open more stores in London and outside. We plan to expand our operations and collaborate with more franchisees. Also, there is a high possibility that we might open another store in South Croydon, on the other side of the road to cater to the huge and growing demand for Halal meat."

Tariq Halal is looking for more franchise partners to collaborate with and expand the company’s operations so that they can cater to more customers. However, the CEO promises that quality will always be top notch, no matter what franchise of Tariq Halal customers may buy from.

About The Company

Established in 1965, with a mission to provide customers clean, high quality and Halal meat, Tariq Halal is a family-owned business operated by Mr. Tariq Sheikh. Even today, after 50 years of being in the business, the company continues to delight customers with their quality of meat combined with superior meat shopping experience. The company has grown both in size and reputation and caters to an average of 1500 customers every day.

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