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Mr. Tariq Sheikh Sweeps Away the Businessman of the Year Award 2016 at the British Muslim Awards



The CEO of Tariq Halal, Mr. Tariq Sheikh, was honoured with the ‘Businessman of the Year’ Award at the British Muslim Awards 2016 for his store that is hailed as the Harrods of Meat in Europe.

London, 8th February 2016 – Dedicated to providing customers all over Europe with top quality, hygienic and fresh Halal meat, Mr. Tariq Sheikh, the founder and CEO of Tariq Halal, won the most prestigious award of the year, the BMA, for the category ‘the Businessman of the Year’.

British Muslim Awards (BMA) is an esteemed national award ceremony held annually that celebrates the achievements and contributions of British Muslims; and recognises their role in contributing towards a better Great Britain. British Muslims are honoured for their efforts across industries covering various aspects of the British society including business, sports, arts, charity and culture.

The 4th BMA award ceremony was held in Birmingham on 28th January 2016. The competition this year was fierce where thousands of nominations were received from the public for the British Muslim Awards which were then shortlisted to an impressive list of finalists. The nominations for the ‘Businessman of the Year’ category included big names like Shelim Hussain (Eurofoods, Newport), Afzal Kahn (Kahn Design, Bradford), Nisar Ahmed Malik (Haji Baba Ltd, London), Sheazad Hussain (Medina Dairy, Berkshire), Nasir Awan (Awan Marketing International Plc, Birmingham), Umar Kamani (Pretty Little Thing, Manchester), Shamim Ahmed (The MathWorks Ltd, Cambridge), Mamun Chowdhury (London Tradition, London), Touker Sulyman (Hawes & Cutis, Ghost, Huxley & Cox, London) and Tariq Sheikh (Tariq Halal Meats, London).

The award for this category was aimed at recognising individuals who have served as a strong inspiration to people around them; as well as their struggle that has brought them to the pinnacle. The anticipation for the category the ‘Businessman of the Year 2016’ was over when the award was presented to Tariq Sheikh, a man who rightly deserved it.

From running a small butcher shop to becoming a proud owner of the largest Halal butcher chain in London, Mr. Sheikh has struggled his way to the top. The day he entered the meat business, he had the motto to provide superior quality Halal meat at best prices with a customer-focused approach in compliance with his core business values which are to work with integrity, sheer dedication and deliver excellence and nothing less. His persistent efforts and commitment is evident through the high quality of meat that he continues to provide even after 50 years, his continuous business expansion and strong partnerships with the leading and accredited suppliers of meat, herbs and spices in the UK/EU.

Sheikh is also a socially responsible businessman who continuously strives to give back to the society. Almost every year, he pays for100 individuals to have eye treatment free of cost and he is also expanding his current business premises to build a mosque for Tariq Halal staff and visitors.

Mr Sheikh, happy with his win, had this to say after the ceremony:

'I am grateful to My Lord, my family, team, customers and suppliers for all the support. I couldn't have made it alone on my own. I am glad that I have likeminded people on my team who share the same values as me. I would like to thank my customers for their loyalty and choosing Tariq Halal meat products over our contemporaries.'

He further said, 'It's good to be recognised and this recognition will truly fuel my passion to do better, thank you.'

About The Company

Founded in 1965, Tariq Halal is a family owned business operated by Mr. Tariq Sheikh. The company is committed to providing customers all over Europe with the highest quality, fresh and hygienic Halal meat with an excellent customer experience.


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