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A Diamond in the Rough’ - The Journey of Mr. Tariq Sheikh, CEO of London’s Leading and Largest Halal Butcher Chain


When counting down the most successful entrepreneurs in the UK, Tariq Sheikh is one name that deserves a spot in the list. He is the co-founder and CEO of Tariq Halal Meats, one of London's largest and leading Halal butcher chains also hailed as the 'Harrods of Meat' and winner of Butcher's Shop of the Year Award 2015.

His success story is inspiring for many young and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to become successful like the self-made business tycoon Mr. Tariq Sheikh. When he was beginning his venture, Mr. Sheikh hadn,t been gifted with an established business set up by his forefathers and meat shops operating all over the UK; he worked hard day in and day out to get where he is today! His passion, faith in himself, hard work and strong business acumen helped him turn his entrepreneurial vision of running a successful and leading Halal meat company into a reality.

Sheikh started his entrepreneurial journey with his father 50 years back when doors to the first 'Tariq Halal' shop were opened for customers in the year 1965. Since then, he's never looked back. It was a small shop driven by passion and based on the core values to serve with integrity and strong commitment towards customers. And let’s just say that is all that Tariq Halal needed to win over meat lovers and create waves across London. Within a few years, Tariq Halal became the desirable shop for buying meat among his customers, but success didn't get the best of Mr. Sheikh.

He knew that to retain his company's market position and take his business to greater heights, he would have to push himself harder. However, he refused to compromise on the four things that Tariq Halal meat had become famous for and those were 100% halal meat, excellence in quality, exceptional hygiene and competitive prices.

To maintain the quality of meat, Mr. Sheikh partnered with the best and leading suppliers in the UK/EU. Aside from this, he ensured that all food items were prepared in compliance with set standards and in a hygienically controlled environment within the shop.

He continued to delight his customers through different ways, bringing something new to the table every time. His innovation and timely decisions fueled his journey towards success. Unlike his contemporaries Mr. Sheikh improvised the look and feel of his butcher store. His store quality and ambience is like no other, which truly helped him raise the bar and set new industry standards for his competitors. All this contributed to an excellent meat buying experience which helped Tariq Halal grow its base of new and loyal customers significantly in a short time.

Putting his business acumen to best use, Mr. Sheikh adopted new market diversification and penetration strategies. He introduced a wide range of Halal Frozen Foods for meat lovers and vegetarians, based on original home cooked delicious recipes.

Mr. Sheikh knew that in today's fast paced world, he had to make his products easily accessible to his customers and for that reason, he began to supply meat to multiple retailers, cash & carry, caterers, butchers and wholesalers. To expand the outreach of marketing of Tariq Halal Meats, Mr. Sheikh also began to provide franchising opportunities. He has recently opened his sixth butcher shop in Fulham and will be opening more shops in the beginning of 2016.

Mr. Sheikh has come a long way, from running a small butcher shop to becoming a proud owner of the largest Halal butcher chain in London. He loves to share his success with the people of his community. He strongly believes in charity and continues to play his role as a socially responsible businessman. Tariq has built a mosque in Pakistan, and almost every year, pays for 100 individuals to have eye treatment in the country. He is also expanding his current premises to build a state-of-the-art mosque for Tariq Halal Staff and visitors. And in future, he plans to do more social work as well.

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