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By touching new heights in Meat trade & excellence in Franchise operations Tariq Halal Meats is constantly in news. Tariq Halal Meats was reviewed by the top notch Magazines in Meat and Food trade. In Meat Management’s Sept issue Tariq Halal Meats Rise was well documented and Food and Drink Magazines Dec issued Tariq Halal Meats ‘’Harrods of Halal’’. Also Tariq Halal Meats franchise Branch opening was televised in ZEETV’s Out and About Program.


Tariq Halal Meat wins "Business of the Year" Award!

"We are very honoured to accept the 'Business of the Year' award 2017 from The London Asian Business Awards...

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Tariq Halal, the Fastest Growing Halal Meat Chain, Launches its 6th Franchise in Croydon, London

Tariq Halal, one of the London’s largest and fastest growing Halal butcher chains launched 6th Franchise...

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A Diamond in the Rough’ - The Journey of Mr. Tariq Sheikh, CEO of London’s Leading and Largest Halal Butcher Chain

When counting down the most successful entrepreneurs in the UK, Tariq Sheikh is one name that deserves a spot in the list.

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Tariq Halal Gives Back to the Muslim Community in a Unique Way

Tariq Halal, one of the London’s largest Halal butcher chains, gives back to the Muslim Community at Tariq Halal...

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Tariq Halal, Hailed as the Harrods of Meat, Wins Butcher’s Shop of the Year Award 2015

Known for providing customers with top quality, fresh, chilled & frozen Halal meat all over Europe for...

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Mr. Tariq Sheikh Sweeps Away the Businessman of the Year Award 2016 at the British Muslim Awards

The CEO of Tariq Halal, Mr. Tariq Sheikh, was honoured with the ‘Businessman of the Year’ Award at the ... 

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Halal franchise butcher’s opens new store

London-based Tariq Halal has opened its fifth butcher’s shop in Fulham, with plans to open more this year. The family business was set up...

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Tariq Halal Meats opens up franchise shops thanks to NatWest

When a successful family-run Halal meat wholesaling business decided to franchise their business, they turned to NatWest to make it happen.

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Halal butcher chain expands with £1m Lloyds loan

Tariq Halal Meats, one of London’s largest halal butcher chains, has added a new warehouse and butcher’s shop to its operations...

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"Harrods Of Halal" an article on Tariq Halal in "Food and Drink Magazine"

Sparkling shops with an extensive range of quality products, well-trained staff and resonable prices - No wonder customers are queuing round the block for Tariq Halal Meat

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