Sauce Shop Green Sriracha (255G)

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CATEGORY: Marinades
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  • 100% Hygenic
  • Pure Halal
Sauce Shop Branded 2017 Great Taste Award Winner Heat level 6/10 This is our mean green interpretation of the traditionally red condiment. Sriracha sauces are named after Si Racha, a seaside town in Thailand. Green Sriracha is made with our in house aged green Jalapenos and has a great hot and garlicky flavour. Added spices give it a fragrant and citrus zing that makes it perfect to complement Mexican, Indian or East Asian foods. Try with nachos or in a burrito, with a curry or added to noodles. It's great for spicing up fried eggs or cooked breakfasts. Suitable for Vegetarians, Vegans and Gluten Free.
CATEGORY: Marinades
WEIGHT: 0.255000
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