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Imagine buying beef, lamb, chicken and offal meat online, with the full assurance of quality from a top London meat wholesaler. Very few fresh meat sellers have the infrastructure or confidence to offer products online. Most feel customers run a risk when they try to buy fresh meat online. This is because their delivery and procurement model is not fool proof.

Tariq Halal offers fresh meat online for its loyal London clientele. We procure directly from top abattoirs, and have the strictest quality control measures for storage and packaging. So once you choose and order the meat online, we will procure and deliver it within a time that will ensure its freshness. If you are a typical busy London resident looking to buy Halal meat online, it cannot get more convenient.

Buy Halal frozen food and marinated meat online from us. 

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  • Globalisation of Halal & The Key Reasons


    With Brand Halal’s globalisation, there are signs all over that the brand Halal is in the quest to dominate world meat market scenario in few years down the line. As per the estimation of Malaysia-based World Halal Forum, Halal already accounts for over 17% of the worldwide food market.

  • Why Marinated Meats Are Best-to-eat!


    Blissfully, though, contemporary meat is pretty darn tender, much tenderer than the meat consumed by our cave-dwelling ancestors. In the primordial days, meat was cooked without any former marination of rich spices and herbs which endowed a “bland” taste to the meat preparation. Mostly they were simply roasted or smoked. While in the medieval age, most of the meat in the western countries were prepared using salt and pepper and that gave “spice-less” and “not-so-yummy” feel and taste to it. Slowly and gradually, the world witnessed an evolution in the subject of meat preparation and its marination.

  • 5 Cool Benefits of Frozen Meat


    Frozen Meat Products have been in continuation since the 1930’s and often are linked with TV dinners and other ease & convenience items. These frozen meat products are quick, handy and simple-to-cook, besides saving time on cleaning them.

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