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Q. Why would I choose Tariq Halal Meats over another franchise

Q. How much does it cost to acquire a franchise?

Q. Where are Tariq Halal Meats franchises available in UK?

Q. Do I need any previous retail or meet cutting experience?

Q. What qualities do Tariq Halal Meats look for in its franchisees?

Q. Is financing available from Tariq Halal Meats?

Q. I don’t have enough money to open a Tariq Halal Meats but am very motivated. Can you assist me?

Q. How long does the Franchisee agreement last?

Q. What form of training and guidance is provided by Tariq halal meats?

Q. Where do I buy supplies?

Q. Is there a risk to buying a Tariq Halal Meats Franchise?

Q. How long has Tariq Halal Meats been in business?

Q. Where is Tariq Halal Meats headquarter?

Q. How many Tariq Halal Meats stores are in operation, and where are they located?

Q. Who owns Tariq Halal Meats? Is it a public or private company?

Q. What experience does the leadership team at Tariq halal meats have in growing and operating a franchise system?

Q. Can I open more than one Tariq halal meats location?

Q. What is your ongoing royalty fee?

Q. What is the ongoing advertising fee?

Q. What is the average size of a retail Tariq Halal Meats retail store?

Q. What are Tariq halal meats typical hours of operations?

Q. How much money can I make with a Tariq Halal Meats Franchise?

Q. How long does it take to open a new Tariq halal meats franchise?

Q. Can I build my own store?

Q. Can my friend or family do the electrical/plumbing/dry wall etc.?

Q. Are there sites available in my area?

Q. Does the Tariq halal meats provide franchise support?

Q. Is Tariq Halal an equal opportunity franchisor?

Q. How does Tariq Halal Meats spend the advertising fees collected from each location?

Q. Can I convert my current butcher shop into Tariq halal franchise?

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