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GF Cayenne Pepper

GF Cayenne Pepper

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Description: Greenfields Cayenne pepper can be used as a spice in cooking; or as a condiment at table. Generally with seafood, such as oysters, sardines, smoked salmon and trout, scallops, fried mussels, crab, lobster and crayfish. It may be sprinkled over soups and hors d’oeuvres. It can be eaten with eggs cooked in any way, and egg dishes such as omelettes and soufflés. It is good with roasted, grilled, fried or stewed meats. It can be sprinkled on bacon prior to frying and used in the dusting flour for fried chicken, fish and vegetables. Cayenne pepper is a hot chilli pepper. It's often used to add heat to recipes without affecting the flavour too much. It's particularly popular in American recipes, and is often the chilli component in Cajun cooking.

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