Women Butchers Are Excelling In The Meat Business

The face of the meat industry is rapidly changing. In recent years, more and more women have been joining the butchery trade. For decades, people expected males to be working in their local butcher shop. Women were usually only employed in the meatpacking side of the business.

Countless women are now busting this stereotype to prove that female butchers have just as much to bring to the trade as their male counterparts do. Women bring a unique insight and skill set to butchery, proving that it’s no longer a brawny boy’s club.

This doesn’t mean that they don’t face sexism, misogyny, and hurtful comments, though. Being a butcher is a very hands-on and physical job so many people incorrectly assume that a woman won’t be up to the task.

As one female butcher has put it, ‘Meat cutting is an art built on a specific skill set. The repetitive motions of butchery build muscle memory, agility, and precision. Anyone can do it if they really want to, though some will naturally do it better than others. The technique is the key, and many master butchers have told me that brawn is often the enemy. In this sense, because they are often not as forceful as men, women make excellent meat cutters.’

So, if you see a female behind your local butcher shop’s counter, trust that you’re getting the same (if not better!) service you always have.

What Does a Butcher Do?

Being a butcher is a very hands-on profession. On a typical day in a butcher shop or factory, they have to:

  • Manage stock
  • Liaise with suppliers, wholesalers, and stockists
  • Receive and dispatch deliveries
  • Closely monitor safety, quality, and hygiene
  • Move meat to and from cold storage areas
  • Cut, bone, and trim meat
  • Create product displays

Then there’s the customer-facing side of the business. They must serve customers, provide orders, and advise customers on how to store the meat in the right way.

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