Succulent and Tasty: Introducing Our New Halal BBQ Chicken Wings

Chicken wings have become a staple of our cuisine, enjoyed as an appetiser, a match day snack, or as the star of a main meal. Throughout most of history, people ate as much of the chicken as they could and didn’t let any of it go to waste- including the wings. However, in the late 20th century it became more fashionable to eat skinless and boneless chicken breasts.

This tendency toward only eating the breasts left a lot of the chicken unused. Luckily, most restaurants, bars, and pubs realised that they could use the wings as an inexpensive way to sell more chicken. What’s more, chicken wings are a perfect vehicle for a wide range of delicious and diverse sauces.   

Anatomy of a Chicken Wing

There are two main types of chicken wings: the drumette and wingettes. Drumettes look like miniature chicken legs and wingettes are flatter (which is why they’re sometimes called flats). There is only one bone inside a drumette while flats have two smaller bones inside them.

Chicken wings have more bone, connective tissue, and fat than chicken breasts so they provide a richer and deeper flavour. Despite having a taste more like dark meat, chicken wings are considered white meat. Their enhanced flavour is what also makes them ideal for use in soups, stews, and stock. 

Halal BBQ Chicken Wings

Buffalo wings are what come to mind when most people think of chicken wings. Created in New York in the 1960s, these tangy, sticky, and spicy wings are usually paired with celery and bleu cheese. While a popular choice, it’s far from being the only flavour chicken wings are available in.

Tariq Halal’s Halal BBQ Box, Flaming Harissa Wings and Peri Peri Wings from our marinated range have been a bit hit among our customers so we’ve decided to follow that trend to create our Halal BBQ Chicken Wings. We know you’ll love these richly flavoured chicken wings that come pre-seasoned with sweet and tangy BBQ sauce.

For those who prefer to marinate their chicken wings to their own taste, we also sell several delicious marinades and rubs that will go great with our fresh and nutritious chicken wings. Our blog is full of recipes to help you get the best-tasting meals, including BBQ chicken wings recipes. Continue exploring our website and blog today to shake up your mealtime routine with quality and premium halal ingredients.