National Butchers Week: A Tribute to the Hardworking Meat Pros

Happening between 6 March to 12 March 2023, National Butcher’s Week is a time that celebrates retail butchers.

This year’s National Butchers Week will be focused on the great innovations our nation’s butchers bring to the meat industry. To highlight this, there’s an innovation contest running on social media that you can follow to see the great new ideas coming from our beloved butchers.

Your local butchers are highly skilled and trained specialists who have vast knowledge when it comes to butchery. No one knows meat better than a butcher which is why so many of the great trends and innovations that emerge come from behind a butcher’s counter.

What is National Butchers Week?

National Butchers Week was established by William Reed Business Media to celebrate the highly skilled work of the independent butchers who provide us with the best in British meat. If they sound familiar, it’s because William Reed Business Media is behind The International Wine Challenge, the World Steak Challenge, and the World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards.

Held every year, the week-long event is an annual celebration of the detailed craftsmanship that butchers provide to the food industry and to our tables. It also aims to boost awareness of the importance butchers bring to the local economy and our lives.

Butchers are encouraged to use the week to showcase their skills, high-quality meats, and all the services and products they offer. The more the public learns about what butchers do, the more likely they will be to shop from local, independent butchers.

How To Take Part

The best way to get involved is to visit your nearest local butcher. Ask them questions about what they have on offer and about how their products can improve your health and diet. Local butchers are a treasure trove of information about meat, how best to cook it, and what you should pair it with. They’ll be sure to appreciate the interest, especially if you walk away with a purchase!

You can also look on social media for #NationalButchersWeek to learn about different cuts of meat and how to prepare them as well as recipes and the best way to cook your delicious, locally bought meat.

Tariq Halal is a family owned and operated butcher that is proud to be a part of National Butchers Week, representing the unique place Halal Butchers have in our communities. Visit our website to learn more.