Here's how you grill beef burgers to perfection

If you’re someone who likes grilling meat at home or someone who wants to start doing so, one of the first meats you must master is burgers. When cooked properly, charcoal grill burgers are delicious and easy crowd-pleasers.

Here are a few tips to help you get the best burgers on the block!

Tip 1) Grill at the right temperature

One of the most important steps is grilling burgers at the right temperature. You should be grilling burgers at a medium-to-medium-high heat as anything higher will burn the meat before the inside has cooked.

Tip 2) Use chilled meat

Burgers should be kept in the refrigerator until they’re ready to be cooked. The meat should be cool when it reaches the grill. This will create a caramelized, tasty crust on the patties.

Tip 3) Only cook on a clean grill

Cooking on a dirty grill can impact how well the burger cooks and how it tastes. Make sure your grill is cleaned before you heat it up, especially if you plan to grill burgers on a charcoal grill.

Tip 4) Stop flipping it continuously

It might be tempting but avoid frequent flipping. Burgers should only be flipped once to grill evenly. They’ll be ready for their flip once you can slide the edge of a spatula under the burger’s edge without any resistance. The ideal grilling burgers time is 6-7 minutes for medium rare.

Tip 5) Don’t Flatten the Meat

Another thing you should refrain from doing with the spatula is pressing down on the meat. Doing this will dry out your burger because it squeezes all the juice out.

Tip 6) Eat Them Right Away

Eat those juicy burgers as soon as they’re cool enough. If they’re left to sit out they will become dry and less succulent than they were when they first came off the grill.

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