Tips for keeping your farm fresh meat

Buying meat is often expensive, so when you do buy some for a recipe, you don't want any to go to waste. To ensure that your fresh meat (not frozen) stays fresh, always store it properly in the refrigerator before you cook it and use it within the suggested timeframe to avoid spoiling the meat.   

We’ve compiled some helpful tips for keeping your meat fresh.  

Guidelines for Refrigeration of Fresh Meat 

There is a "short, but safe" time limit for refrigerating meat so that it doesn't become spoiled or dangerous to eat. For the best way to keep raw fresh meat refrigerated, store it at around 4 degrees Celsius to prevent any bacteria from growing. Also, make sure you purchase the meat before sell-by or expiration dates. 

 How to Store Meat in the Fridge 

When you're refrigerating raw meat, keep it in its original packaging right up until you use it. But make sure the packaging is sealed properly and no air is getting inside. If needed, place the package in an additional zip-lock plastic bag or plastic container. Store it on a plate or rimmed baking sheet on the bottom of the fridge. This will contain contamination in the event of any drips or spills.  

  How Long Can You Keep Meat in the Refrigerator? 

Fresh Ground Meat and Cut Up/Cubed Meat  

The more meat is cut up, the more exposure there is to potential bacteria. So, for ground beef, turkey, or lamb, stir-fry strips, stew meat, and other types of cut-up meats, stick to one to two days in the fridge.  

Fresh Meat (Beef and Lamb) 

Larger cuts of fresh meat like fresh halal Beef steaks or roasts can be stored longer in the refrigerator. These cuts can last three to five days in the fridge before they need to be cooked. 

Fresh Chicken and Turkey 

Whole chickens and turkeys or cut-up chicken meat like breasts, drumsticks, or thighs can last one to two days in the fridge before you need to either use them or freeze them. 

 Follow these guidelines to keep your meat fresh. However, if you are unable to cook the fresh meat before it can be safely used simply store it in the freezer.  

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