6 Mistakes Everyone Makes When Marinating Meat

Marinating meat is an effective way to introduce extra moisture into lean and softer meats that can become too dry when cooked. It makes the meat more tender and flavoursome. Marinated meat will transform your daily dishes as well as making something extra special for a dinner party or family occasion.

How does marinating work?

Marinating meat is the process of soaking raw meat in a pre-prepared liquid which contains certain constituents and ingredients, like acid from vinegar or citrus juice, to enhance flavour and change the surface texture of the meat.

How to marinate?

It’s so simple, just prepare your liquid depending on the choice of meat and the recipe and then leave the meat to sit and soak in the marinade for several hours before you cook it or sometimes overnight. The meat will have an enhanced flavour, retain moisture and offer an improved texture during the cooking process.

Marinating tips

·         Salt and oil are the basis for most meat marinades

·         Use plenty of herbs and spices

·         Fork the meat before putting it into the marinade

·         Cover the meat entirely in the liquid

·         Chill in the fridge

·         Marinate for several hours

·         Never use the same marinade twice – discard and make a fresh one

·         Follow the cooking instructions or recipe carefully when you cook the meat

6 mistakes to avoid when marinating meat

  • Save money by making your own quickly and easily and have total control over the ingredients which can be fresh and made to suit your tastes
  • Don’t overdo it and throw everything in, choose a theme or defining ingredient and don’t wander off course
  • Avoid too much salt or too much acid
  • Be bold with the flavours you do choose
  • Don’t be fearful of fat – oil carries the flavours and will help to distribute all the ingredients into the nooks and crannies of the meat. Choose a neutral-tasting oil and let the remainder of the ingredients do the hard work
  •  Never reuse a marinade, discard the liquid once you are ready to cook

Once you learn how to use marinated meat, you will wonder how you ever cooked without it. Marinating meat will allow you to choose tender cuts of lean meat without compromising on flavour. Buy the best Halal meat online from Tariq Halal with handy marinade recipes to enhance your daily dishes and special occasion meals. Visit our website to find out more.  tariqhalalmeats.com