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Black Truffle Sea Salt (Zest & Zing)

Black Truffle Sea Salt (Zest & Zing)

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Description: Black Truffle Sea Salt is an earthy, indulgent seasoning used for elevating simple ingredients like vegetables and meats or adding a special finishing touch to dishes. Create the delectable taste of these rare truffles with ease by using our sea salt blend. Use it to add an indulgent flare to dinners of grilled red meat, roasted vegetables, or even simple salads or egg dishes. Ingredients : Black Truffle, Italian Sea Salt. Each jar contains 45g, approximately 28 x 1/4 Tsp, Recommended usage for maximum freshness is 9 months. Pairs with Steak, Cheese, Ravioli, Risotto, Scrambled Eggs, Fried Potatoes.

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