1. Picture of Boneless Rib-Eye Steak (3 steaks)
    Boneless Rib-Eye Steak (3 Steaks)
    3 * 200g
  2. Picture of Beef Shin On Bone
    Beef Shin On Bone


  3. Picture of Beef Topside Steak
    Beef Topside Steak

    per 300g Try our delicious juicy beef steaks cooks in minutes serve with a fresh salad or good ol ...

  4. Picture of BEEF KNUCKLE STEAK (3 Steaks)
    Beef Knuckle Steak (3 Steaks)
    200 gms * 3 each
  5. Picture of COW FOOT (WHOLE)
    Cow Foot (Whole)

    Whole Cow Foot Fresh or Frozen subject to availability

  6. Picture of T-Bone Steak (300g)
    T-Bone Steak (300G)
    per 300g
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